State Farm Auto Insurance Review

State Farm Auto Insurance Review
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This State Farm auto insurance review will give you some information that you can use to decide if State Farm auto insurance is a good choice for your auto insurance needs. Since 1922, State Farm Car Insurance has been providing auto insurance coverage to their customers. They are considered one of the premier companies in the United States and they insure more cars in North America than any other insurance company does.

Quite often, when someone is looking for auto insurance, they will turn to State Farm first. While this is not necessarily the best way to find the least expensive auto insurance (comparing rates is always best), it is understandable why people look to State Farm Auto Insurance first. Use the guide below if you are considering this provider.

Read through this State Farm Auto Insurance Company review, browse through the star ratings and customer reviews of State Farm car insurance coverage at the bottom of this page, and then when you have finished searching the site for auto insurance reviews enter your zip code into the box on the side of this page to compare free quotes for auto insurance.

State Farm: Financial Stability

When considering what auto insurance that you want to use, you should consider their financial stability as well as their customer service and the products that they have to offer. State Farm has all of these areas covered. In 2009 they were ranked 31st in the Fortune 500 for the most financially profitable companies. State Farm was also the first insurance company to offer 24/7 live claim service (all other insurance companies quickly followed suit) and State Farm offers services from auto insurance, to home and recreational vehicle insurance as well as financial services for their customers (including banking, mortgage loans and more). State Farm is certainly a company that tries to cover all of their bases.

State Farm Criticisms

Not that State Farm is perfect; on the contrary, there has been some criticism on how they handled the hurricanes that blew through Florida in 2004. In fact, many of the individuals lost their homes in one of the three hurricanes that passed by the coast and then through Central Florida had their claims denied by State Farm, causing quite a controversy in that area. What’s more, State Farm no longer offers renter’s insurance or new homeowners insurance polices in many areas of Florida because of their massive losses there.

State Farm Vehicle Insurance Options

However, this has not affected the auto insurance portion of their business and they continue to be the most prolific company in terms of how many policies they write every year. State Farm auto insurance is also available in every state in the US and is available in Canada as well, where it is growing in popularity.

State Farm offers a variety of insurance for your different vehicles. You can get coverage for your boat and your motorcycle as well. When it comes to boat coverage, your insurance will cover sinking, theft, fire, storms, overturning, stranding (and towing if stranded), collision and explosion. In terms of theft, your boat insurance will cover things like skis, oars, trolling motors, extra fuel, life preservers and other common items on the boat. If you are choosing boat insurance, you should consider asking your agent if your trailer is covered as well.

Car Insurance Specifics: Tort And No Fault States

When it comes to your auto insurance, you will have to carry minimums required by your state. The requirements will vary from state to state depending on traffic activity and accidents in the state that you live in and whether or not you live in a tort state or a no fault state. You need to know the difference

A tort state is a state that allows the at fault driver to be sued by the individuals they caused harm to or if they damaged their vehicles and they do not have enough insurance to cover the damages. In a no fault state you cannot sue the at fault driver and each person’s individual insurance will cover the cost of damages and injuries caused by an accident. The purpose of a no fault state is to limit the amount of lawsuits that occur when an auto accident occurs. It is important to note that if you are at fault in an accident and you are proven especially negligent, a civil suit can be brought against you for damages.

State Farm Car Insurance Coverage Options

While your state may require you to have specific minimums, State Farm and other insurance companies highly recommend you carry more insurance than the necessary minimums. The decision to carry more than your states minimums should be determined by the type of vehicle that you drive and how much you can afford to pay out of pocket in the event that you cause an accident.

If you do not own your vehicle (if you have a loan, then your bank owns your vehicle), then you will be required to carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage covers things like theft, flood, fire, vandalism and more. You need to know that State Farm’s comprehensive coverage does not cover the items in your vehicle, only the vehicle itself. Your personal belongings can be covered under a property insurance policy such as renters insurance or homeowners insurance.

Your loan institution may also require you to carry collision coverage. State Farm’s collision coverage covers the cost of hitting a parked vehicle, hitting an object, an object hitting your vehicle and a roll over in an auto accident. In most cases you will have to pay a deductible before these services take effect. You choose the amount of the deductible and your rates will increase per the lower the deductible you choose. You can also choose a no deductible option; however. your rates will increase substantially as a result.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you in the event that someone causes an accident and does not have auto insurance or they do not have enough to cover the damages. Instead of waiting for a lawsuit to come through, you are paid for the damages up front by your insurance company. This can save you quite a bit of grief over time.

Two very affordable options to consider for your vehicle are State Farms rental reimbursement and roadside assistance insurance. If you are in an accident and need a rental car, your rental reimbursement will cover the cost of the rental car until you get your vehicle back. If you break down somewhere, anywhere, State Farm will send a tow truck your way to pick you up, at no cost to you. Both of these options cost only a couple of dollars a month to add onto a policy.

State Farm Auto Insurance Rates

If you are considering using State Farm as your auto insurance company, you should be aware of the things that they consider when they give you a quote. They will want to know where you are driving, how much you drive annually, how old you are, your sex, whether you are married, what your driving record is like and they will check your credit history. All of these things have bearing on any rates insurance companies offer you.

State Farm Auto Insurance Discounts

State Farm offers discounts in the following areas:

  • No tickets or accidents for three or more years will garner you the good driver discount.
  • Students under the age of twenty-five with a B average or better in school can receive the good student discount.
  • People who have several different policies with State Farm qualify for the multi-line discount.
  • Adults over the age of 55 can take a defensive driving course to receive a discount.
  • Cars with approved anti-theft devices will receive a discount.

State Farm is not the only insurance company that offers discounts to their drivers. If you think that they do not offer enough of a discount for you, or you are curious what other insurance companies have to offer, then take advantage of the free quote tool on the side of this page. You will be able to compare the rates of several companies and make an educated decision about what kind of insurance that you need as well as how much it will cost you.

State Farm Auto Insurance Quotes

Using the free quote tool is fast and easy and will save you money. And it’s just waiting for you to use it now! Get started comparing your State Farm auto insurance quotes with quotes from many top companies!

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