Safeco Auto Insurance Review

Safeco Auto Insurance Review
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Looking for an in depth Safeco auto insurance review? Have you considered changing to a Safeco car insurance policy? You may have come across the name Safeco new car insurance in your search for a new insurance provider. Who is Safeco? Can this company really give you a better deal on Safeco car insurance then you are currently paying?

All of the above questions are great ones to ask about any provider you consider for your auto insurance coverage. Here are some facts to understand about the Safeco Auto Insurance Company and some facts to consider as you compare various providers.

Read this Safeco Auto insurance review, browse through the customer reviews of Safeco Insurance, and after looking through all of the auto insurance reviews throughout this website then compare free quotes on the side of this page.

History of Safeco Insurance

Safeco has a history as a reliable company that dates back to 1923. In fact, insurance executive Hawthorne K. Dent pioneered a while new approach to the insurance industry when he started the General Insurance Company of America Corporation. As the Safeco website explains, Dent “sought to combine the financial stability of an investor-owned stock company with the preferred-risk underwriting and lower prices of a mutual or policy-owned company.”

It wasn’t until 30 years later that the company started to branch out and compete in the insurance writing industry. The new company Safeco, which stood for the Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, pushed its brand by promoting its use of computer automation to figure complex insurance policy formulas.

That’s all well and good, but what about Safeco car insurance today? Currently, Safeco is aligned with Liberty Mutual, making the conglomerate the fifth largest insurance provider for property and casualty policies in the U.S. The company offers Safeco car insurance policies for a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, classic cars, recreational vehicles, car rentals and watercrafts. The company sells Safeco car insurance products through a national network of independent agents and brokers. They pride themselves on being able to give quotes on new policies in just a few minutes.

Safeco Car Insurance Rates

There are a variety of factors that Safeco and many other car insurance companies use to determine the yearly premium. The type of car you have is obviously a big factor. High-end vehicles and performance vehicles are typically high in insurance because they are expensive to repair and to maintain. Even classic cars can be pricey when compare to “old clunkers” which are easy to repair, easy to shop for and easier to maintain.

The driving record of a motorist will play a big part in determining the price a car insurance policy by Safeco. Not only should a motorist strive to have a clean record as far as liable wrecks and traffic tickets, but he or she should also avoid any altercations on the road, regardless of fault. Insurance rates will increase for any driver after a series of collisions that weren’t his or her fault for the simple reason that the driver is demonstrating a lack of defensive driving ability. Anything proactive that you do to try and deter theft will also be appreciated and possibly rewarded. If you install an anti-theft device then you may get a small deduction on your premium rate. Increasing your deductible is an age old solution to high premium rates, though this puts more responsibility on your shoulders during minor collision incidents.

One common problem of insured drivers is that they never update their insurance agent on any changes happening in their life. An agent assumes that things stay “status quo” unless you tell him or her otherwise. Therefore, a Safeco car insurance policy could be altered if you simply tell someone in charge of your account that your lifestyle or demographical data has changed slightly. Perhaps you no longer have more than one person on your insurance policy. Perhaps you have changed jobs and do not drive as often as you used to. Have you grown from a boy into a man? Have you graduated school? Have you moved into a new part of town or even a new city? All of these factors can influence the premium rate, so let your agent know when things change. Other factors to consider include your credit report, the amount of mileage you regularly put on your car, your marital status and your regional location.

Remember also that if you stay with an insurance company for a number of years you may be under-appreciated for your business and be getting a recycled premium plan instead of the new contract that you deserve. This is why getting new quotes each year is recommended. There is no penalty for switching insurers and it can save you a lot of money.

Safeco Auto Insurance Quotes

Safeco determines your premium rate based on your most recent demographical, lifestyle and historical data. Why not use a quote a quote tool right now and get comparisons from Safeco car insurance and other insurance providers? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Use the comparison tool now to find a cheaper car insurance policy for your vehicle. Get started comparing your Safeco car insurance quotes with quotes from other top companies!

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