GMAC Auto Insurance Review

GMAC Auto Insurance Review
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Are you looking for an impartial GMAC auto insurance review? Are you interested in what types of coverage, service and benefits you get when you have GMAC Car Insurance? GMAC Car Insurance offers standard car insurance coverage options but also includes a host of additional advantages like discounts and services designed to decrease the inconvenience their customers experience when they have had an automobile accident.

GMAC Insurance was originally founded in 1939 and is a part of the larger umbrella company GMAC Financial Services. GMAC is known for providing auto insurance coverage to individuals as well as to auto dealers.

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GMAC Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Among the types of car insurance coverage that GMAC Car insurance offer are property damage liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, uninsured or underinsured motorist, bodily injury liability and personal injury protection. Bodily injury liability will cover costs of injury or damages to other people caused by the insured vehicle. This type of coverage would also be used to pay defense costs if you are charged with harming others with your car. Cars that are financed or leased require higher levels of liability coverage. Property damage liability covers damages to property that were caused by your automobile as the result of an accident in which you were at fault.

GMAC Car Insurance also carries collision and comprehensive coverage type policies. Collision coverage will cover costs associated with damage to your car that are the result of a rollover type accident, collision with an object, or collision with another vehicle. This type of coverage has deductible to meet and limits of payment but coverage is not dependent on who was at fault. Comprehensive insurance covers any damage to your automobile that is not the result of a collision. This would cover things like theft, disasters, fire, hail, floods, blizzards, vandalism and falling objects.

GMAC Car Insurance offers medical payment insurance as well as uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance. Medical payment insurance is designed to cover a specified amount toward the costs of medical care or funeral expenses for you or your passengers when the costs are the result of an accident involving the insured automobile. The medical payment insurance benefit is not dependent on who was at fault in the accident. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provides funds to cover damages that would be unpaid in the event that your vehicle is in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Personal injury protection is also available through GMAC Car Insurance. This is a type of insurance that is required in no-fault states. No-fault states are those in which insured motorists are covered for losses or damages by their own insurance companies no matter who was at fault in the accident. Personal injury protection benefits cover lost wages, medical care and replacement services for those injured in a car accident.

GMAC Car Insurance offers additional flexibility in their policies through extended coverage. They have optional Additional Equipment Coverage for specialized accessories or equipment like spoilers, roll bars and custom wheels. They also offer Smart Drive Coverage through which a participant that needed alternative transportation due to a claim would be delivered a rental car comparable to their car without charge.

GMAC SmartValet

GMAC Car Insurance provides several benefits for their customers that are designed to reduce the inconvenience of accidents. Their SmartValet program picks up your damaged automobile, brings you a rental car after an accident, delivers your car after the repairs are complete and returns the rental car for you. GMAC’s SmartReplacement program will provide an expert who can assist you in finding a car with whatever specifications you desire to replace a totaled vehicle. The SmartInspect program provides re-inspection after repair work has been done to your vehicle. GMAC Car Insurance also offers optional towing to the nearest qualified repair shop anywhere in the United States.

The GMAC Guarantee

GMAC Car Insurance guarantees your satisfaction with their claims service. If you are not satisfied they will waive up to $250 of your deductible. They will cover up to $500 in travel expenses, food and lodging when you have had to file a claim. Claims can be reported anytime and anywhere. Most minor claims can be handled over the phone and will be paid within 48 hours.

GMAC Auto Insurance Discounts

One of the advantages of purchasing car insurance from GMAC Car Insurance is the extensive list of discounts they offer their customers. They call these Smartdiscounts. Their customers save money on their insurance if they carry a GM credit card, have a mortgage through GMAC, or have a vehicle that is financed by GMAC. If you have more than one vehicle and put them on the same policy you qualify for a multi-vehicle discount. RVs also qualify as a second vehicle for a multi-vehicle discount. The multi-vehicle discount can be as large as 20%. If all the vehicles on your policy are made by GM you would qualify for a GM loyalty discount.

GMAC also offers GM Family First, Affinity and GM Supporter discounts. GM Family first gives discounts to employees or retirees of GM or their subsidiaries and their families. Affinity discounts are offered to members or supporters of a varied list of organizations chosen by GMAC. GM Supporter discounts are given to employees of businesses that support General Motors.

When you subscribe to On-Star you are eligible to save 10-20% on certain coverage. For instance, having On-Star and taking a defensive driving course qualifies you for a safe driver discount. In addition, having On-Star and driving less than 15,000 miles each year will enable you to take advantage of a Low Mileage Discount of 13% on your car insurance premiums. The less you drive the more you save. For example, driving less than 2,500 miles each year would save you 54% on your car insurance.

Another advantage of having your automobile insurance with GMAC Car Insurance is what they call SmartServices. Their Smartparts Promise is that they will use original manufacturer’s parts in repairs without extra charge. They provide a lifetime guarantee on replacement parts for repairs that are done by Gold Medal repair shops. Upon request, they will perform what they call a SmartInspect after accident repairs have been completed to ensure that the repairs were done properly. They provide an Emergency Expense Allowance of $500 that can be used to cover lodging, food or travel expenses after an accident.

In addition, GMAC Car Insurance has a claim service guarantee. They will waive up top $250 of your deductible if you are not satisfied with their claims process. They do not charge extra to replace depreciated parts with new parts when used in collision repairs. They offer a $500 theft reward for information leading to the conviction of the guilty persons if your car is stolen. They have 24 hour claim reporting. Minor claims can be reported over the phone and most are handled within 48 hours.

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