Esurance Auto Insurance Review

Esurance Auto Insurance Review
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Are you looking for an Esurance auto insurance review? Have you considered purchasing an Esurance car insurance policy? The Esurance Car Insurance Company is an insurance provider based in San Francisco, California. It currently offers auto insurance on a national level, creating products for 30 individual states.

The company was first founded in 1998 under a different name. By 1999, Esurance car insurance was the company’s primary product. Despite undergoing new ownership in 2000 (it is now a direct subsidiary of White Mountains) the company still practices business as usual selling Esurance car insurance and is commonly identified with an animated pink-haired female spy named Erin Esurance, who poses as an auto-insurance agent by day.

Read through this Esurance review, take a look at the ratings and customer reviews of Esurance at the bottom of this page, and then compare free auto insurance quotes by entering your zip in on the side of the page.

Esurance Auto Insurance Coverage

Esurance car insurance company will pay on your injury claims regardless of who was at fault, provided the claims do exceed beyond a specific amount. The significance of a no-fault system is that you may lose some rights to sue other motorists that you would have in other states. Tort states have different guidelines so you will need to identify which type of state you live in.

Esurance is definitely a major competitor and has become one of the biggest names in car insurance thanks to its online push. An Esurance car insurance policy is available to an estimated 90 percent of the population of 30 states. However, you’ll need to compare them with other companies and policies to decide if they are your best choice.

Esurance may be able to help you save money on car insurance, but a great deal of your policy will be written by your own lifestyle, driving history and preferences. The Esurance website states that when it comes to car insurance “more is less”, because the more coverage you have, the less it will cost you if you get in an accident.

Most states require only minimum liability, which by itself is relatively easy to pay for. However, such a basic type of Esurance car insurance would only cover the damage you inflict upon others. Therefore adding on an uninsured or underinsured motorist policy could protect you in the event that someone else collides with your vehicle and doesn’t have sufficient insurance to pay for the damages (or the liability if you are injured).

You would also be protected by adding on a comprehensive Esurance car insurance policy. Remember that just because someone has liability insurance and is legally able to drive doesn’t mean they are financially responsible to drive. After all, what if they total your car and are only able to cover $10,000 worth of damage? For everyone that doesn’t own a Kia, that can be a big problem!

Finding Cheap Esurance Car Insurance Rates

When explaining factors that determine Esurance car insurance premiums, the Esurance website states that several factors will influence your rate. They include: your own “appetite for risk” (lifestyle when it comes to driving), neighborhood risks (which includes threats of vandalism, theft or body damage), the type of vehicle you have, your total assets, how often you drive and who drives with you.

Remember that if you have many positive factors behind you, then you should be paying less than the national average. If you maintain a good driving record and minimize auto accidents wherever possible, then there’s a good chance that going with an Esurance car insurance plan may be just the change you need. Sometimes when you stay with the same car insurance company for several years, the provider gets used to a routine and may keep you at the same premium rate (or gradually increase it), because they under-appreciate your business.

Esurance car insurance doesn’t go by “company history.” They go by your most recent auto history. For example, if in the last several years you have outgrown the category of a “young motorist” or have not had any negative marks on your record (traffic tickets or collisions) then Esurance will likely be able to give you a lower premium.

You can get online quotes from Esurance over the phone or over the Internet instantly and finalize a new policy in less than a half hour. Esurance has an easy process to follow: you select your type of vehicle and then enter in your zip code. The company gives a rough estimate based on these demographics and then sends a personalized quote after you enter all of your information.

Compare Esurance Auto Insurance Quotes

You can use the free quote tool above to get quotes from many top auto insurance companies to compare against your Esurance auto insurance quotes and many others all at the same time. Get started on finding a new and cheaper Esurance car insurance policy today!

One Customer Review of Esurance Auto Insurance

Review by Joseph, October 28, 2009

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Esurance had really cheap rates especially when I used the 6 month prepay automatic draft option. I ended up changing to Allstate after I got a few speeding tickets because surprisingly Allstate was actually a better deal.

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