Acuity Auto Insurance Reviews

Acuity Auto Insurance Reviews
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Acuity Auto Insurance has been serving customers since 1925. The company’s headquarters is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Acuity offers coverage to individual and business customers in 18 states. This is a well-established company that has over $2 billion in assets.

Premiums written by the 800 agencies associated with Acuity car insurance add up to $800 billion per year. They rank among the Top 100 insurance companies in the United States. Can they meet your needs? Review the facts, and compare this provider with a few others that offer you a policy.

Read through these Acuity auto insurance reviews, browse the star ratings and customer reviews of Acuity Insurance at the bottom of this page, and then when you are finished comparing the different car insurance reviews then be sure to compare quotes to find the best rates on car insurance.

Vehicle Coverage Offered by Acuity

Drivers interested in some specific coverage options tend to find this insurer attractive. Acuity offers a personal auto enhancements endorsement that provides an extra level of protection for policyholders. Policies issued by Acuity include a $10,000 accidental death benefit and $10,000 in total disability coverage. In some states, policyholders receive medical payments coverage at twice the policy limit if they are wearing a seatbelt at the time an accident occurs.

If an Acuity policyholder’s keys are lost or stolen, the policy provides $250 in coverage to replace the locks. This benefit is subject to a $25 deductible. Personal property that is damaged in a covered loss will be reimbursed up to a limit of $500.

The endorsement also provides coverage designed to replace an air bag that discharges in an accident. If a policyholder is involved in accident while at least 50 miles away from home and needs to arrange alternate transportation to get home, the Acuity provides coverage of up to $200.

Acuity will also pay the difference between the amount owing on a lease or a loan and the cash value of the vehicle after an accident. If a car is totaled in an accident, Acuity policyholders can get it replaced. If a partial loss occurs, any repairs being made are guaranteed to be made with new parts.

Piggyback Auto Insurance And Homeowners Policies

One way many drivers save money is to piggy back policies, or to carry multiple insurance policies with a single provider. If you are a homeowner, this might be an option. For most homeowners insurance policies, Acuity offers its customers full replacement value on their home and personal property. This company recognizes that many people are choosing to operate a business from their own homes and offers protection accordingly. Another helpful add-on for homeowners policyholders is sewer backup coverage. This protection is not included in a standard homeowners’ policy, and Acuity covers policyholders for up to $50,000.

If you have jewelry or furs that you want to protect from loss, you need to add a rider to your insurance policy to cover these valuable items. Acuity offers coverage for your special things of up to $25,000.

Identity theft is another type of coverage available to policyholders. For a nominal amount, this valuable protection can be added to an existing homeowners policy. The policy covers the cost of legal fees and reimburses the customer for lost income if they or a member of their family is a victim of identity theft.

Acuity Commercial Insurance Products

Business customers who work with Acuity can buy general liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance pays benefits for bodily injury and property damage claims for a loss sustained on a business premises. The company also offers commercial automobile coverage to policyholders.

Commercial customers who deal with Acuity can also get coverage to protect them from the consequences of commercial crime. Whether the loss came from employee dishonesty, forgery, theft, or willful destruction of property, Acuity has you covered.

Another type of coverage offered to commercial customers by Acuity is workers’ compensation. If a worker is killed or injured while on the job, this coverage pays benefits. A workers’ compensation policy also includes tort liability coverage to protect the employer if an employee or his or her family brings a lawsuit against the employer due to his or her injuries or a job-related fatality.

A business owner needs insurance coverage to protect the premises where he or she is operating from. Protection can be arranged through Acuity for the building, as well as personal property owned by the corporation. Lost income due to a business interruption is a covered loss, as well as the cost of research to replace lost papers and documents. Outdoor property can also be covered under a commercial policy. These items include fences, business signs and antennas.

Acuity Offers Coverage Customers Want

The Acuity Car Insurance Company offers protection from a number of kinds of loss. Individual customers can get endorsements under an Acuity policy that offer an additional level of coverage that they may not be able to get from other insurance providers. Commercial customers can choose from a number of coverage options so that their business interests are fully protected.

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