AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

AAA Auto Insurance Reviews
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Are you considering the option of buying AAA auto insurance? Read through these AAA auto insurance reviews to see if AAA might be a good choice for you. The AAA Company is best known for its roadside assistance program. However, they have expanded into multiple areas of car insurance in recent years.

Regular AAA members know that the company offers everything from travel help to car-buying assistance, to maps, to even skilled auto repair and maintenance. AAA car insurance is another offering, and the company regularly insures cars, trucks, vans, boats, and even collector cars. AAA publishes its own magazine, in addition to offering AAA car insurance; and they actually partner with a network of about 1,500 approved auto repair facilities.

After your have finished reading through these AAA car insurance reviews then be sure and enter your zip code in on the sidebar of this page to compare free car insurance quotes from many different companies online.

Advantages of AAA Car Insurance

AAA also knows that the car insurance industry is very competitive. Therefore, they are quick to point out the advantages they bring to their insured clients. First and foremost they remind new insurance prospects that they offer competitive rates as well as various forms of coverage. These AAA Mid Atlantic car insurance plans can be tailor-made to your unique situation.

In fact, it’s safe to assume that all auto insurance policies in general are “tailor-made” to the motorist. Before a premium rate can be selected, a number of factors have to be considered including region, demographic, driving history, occupation and mileage, and even credit. AAA stresses that their policyholders are not just “holders” by definition but members of an elite club who are waited on and valued. Their AAA Mid Atlantic car insurance has been rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best, which is among the insurance industry’s top accolades.

There is no fixed coverage type, premium price or deductible; all factors are negotiable and take into account the motorist’s circumstances. Insurance plans are flexible and service is prompt. The company also offers special discounts when motorists are willing to insure both their vehicle and their home. This is known as a multi-policy AAA Mid Atlantic car insurance contract.

AAA Roadside Assistance

When there is an accident, members have 24-7 access to toll-free claims hotline for fast and efficient reporting. They also have the advantage of a well known name and brand, as AAA is one of the most recognizable symbols in all of business. In fact, AAA has been synonymous with roadside assistance for quite some time.

One of the primary reasons why many motorists choose AAA is because of their top quality roadside assistance program, which is thrown into many of its plans. Roadside assistance is not just for mechanical breakdowns but also for minor incidents and even “annoyances” that many other insurance providers wouldn’t address.

For example, AAA can assist its members when they lock their keys in the car, have a low battery, run out of gas, or if they discover a flat tire. Furthermore, though you may have an AAA auto insurance policy, your roadside assistance plan is valid throughout the US and Canada. The average wait time for emergency assistance is 30 minutes to any metropolitan location. Even in a major car catastrophe, towing assistance can be arranged in just a short while.

AAA Auto Insurance Online

You can sign up for AAA car insurance online and get a customized quote right away. The company will have to know your vital information before an accurate quote can be given. This might include basic information such as your age, sex, region, driving history and occupation. Your car make and model will be a significant factor, as will your desire for collision, comprehensive or liability insurance. (Not to mention additional coverage options like uninsured or underinsured motorists insurance) As stated your credit will be a factor, as strange as that may sound. More and more car insurance companies are taking into account a person’s spending habits as evidence of their driving style, not to mention their willingness to make regular premium payments on time.

Should you make the switch from your regular insurance provider to AAA car insurance? Only you can make this choice and there is no definite answer to this question without considering all of the facts. It is common knowledge however that if you have been with an insurance company for a number of years, the company may have gotten quite comfortable with your business and may be overcharging you, rather than rewarding you for good defensive driving.

If you sense this is happening (and it will be evidenced by their unwillingness to negotiate) then it may be time to get a quote from AAA, and some other providers too. You can use the driver rate quote tool above. It will find companies that are willing to insure you, and you will receive those quotes to compare. Simply type your zip code in above, and you are on the road to getting the insurance you need.

AAA Auto Club Enterprises Car Insurance

While AAA Auto Club Enterprises Car Insurance is not available through the AAA national office, many associated independent clubs are able to sell AAA Auto Club Enterprises Car Insurance to its members. Although there are many local AAA clubs throughout the United States, car insurance is not available through all of them because of varying local restrictions and state laws. However, AAA offers many other benefits to its members as well as insurance and its longevity speaks volumes for its member satisfaction.

AAA Origins

By 1902 automotives were becoming increasingly popular and small auto clubs were popping up everywhere. Out of the 50 clubs in existence at the time, nine of the clubs met in Chicago in March of 1902 with the purpose of creating a national organization for motorists. The Automotive Club of America was joined by clubs from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Princeton University, Rhode Island, and Utica and out of this collaboration came the American Automobile Association, or what is more commonly known as AAA. The new national club chose New York City (the base of the Automotive Club of America), for its headquarters and its membership opened with 1,500 members. That was a strong starting membership considering there were only 23,000 cars on the road in America at that time!

The premise of the AAA was to protect motorists through safe and efficient transportation. One of the first tasks they undertook was to update the dirt roads that were being used by the 17 million transportation horses at the time into roads that were safe for automotive travel. Their next big undertaking was opening up interstate travel. Over the years they have been actively engaged in many events and were also in part responsible for the establishment of the U.S. Bureau of Public Records, which is currently known as the Department of Transportation. This office was established to appropriate federal funds for the building and maintaining of national highways.

Unfortunately, not all of the federal funds intended for the highways were disbursed as the program was designed and as a direct result many roads and bridges suffered severe decay. Quite a few of them are still in need of repair today. So when The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) and the Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR-21) were introduced in 1998 and 2000 respectively, AAA was there supporting the programs and contributing in their development. These programs are intended to improve air and ground transportation and are funded by the entire contribution of motorist taxes and fees.

AAA Today

As a not-for-profit organization, AAA continues to fight legislation for the benefit of motorists and works continuously on improving the quality of road conditions as well as driver safety. They offer various services to their more than 50 million members, including free maps, travel brochures, and travel services. Their member benefits program also provides an array of discounts with various merchants nationwide, such as with most hotels and car rental companies. Another famous trademark service of AAA is their Emergency Road Service (ERS) that provides nationwide roadside assistance to its members.

While not all clubs offer the same products and services, it is possible to obtain automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and renters insurance as well as watercraft insurance and possibly commercial insurance. Some clubs also sell term and whole life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, and travel accident insurance. 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance is provided through TripAssist® for help regarding legal issues, medical issues, and travel related concerns. Members with TripAssist® also receive limited coverage with Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption insurance. AAA members in certain clubs may also receive Bail Bond through their clubs from $1,000 for a Guaranteed Arrest Bond and up to $5,000 for traffic violations that are covered by the program.

Auto Club Enterprises

Since AAA does not directly sell insurance products, Auto Club Enterprises was formed as an AAA affiliate member service organization to provide auto insurance to its members. Auto Club Enterprises currently provides automotive services, financial services, insurance products, membership discounts, roadside assistance, and travel services to over 10 million members and has more than 10,000 employees in 15 different states.

Varying state laws affect the products and services that are available to you through your local AAA club. However, typical car insurance that you may be able to buy includes liability insurance (covering both bodily injury and property damage), medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorists (for both bodily injury and property damage) collision, comprehensive, and car rental reimbursement.

Compare AAA Auto Insurance Quotes

AAA has been around for over 100 years and still has a strong membership base today. While many members enjoy the roadside assistance benefits, others join primarily to receive member discounts and low cost insurance. According to AAA, you can save over $450 a year by switching your car insurance over to them. The only way to really know how much money you can save by changing insurance providers is to actually compare similar quotes from different companies and see for yourself what your savings might be. You can get started obtaining those free quotes now by entering your zip code in the quote tool and following the onscreen prompts. If you already have AAA car insurance quotes then be sure to compare them with quotes from other top companies. Once you have finished reading through the automobile insurance reviews then be sure to get free quotes and see how much you might be able to save!

One Customer Review of AAA Auto Insurance Reviews - Auto Insurance

Review by Todd and Julie Sohlstrom, March 2, 2014

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We have paid for AAA for the last 4 years. Having it has given us a piece of mind, but now that we actually needed it we have found what a waste of money this is. My wife and I took a weekend trip to Ocean Shores, WA. and got a flat tire. We called AAA twice. The woman that answered the phone the first time couldn’t help us find a AAA approved tow truck in the area. The second phone call we made felt more promising, however, after waiting for nearly two hours we found out that AAA contacted a company named Grey’s Harbor towing who only sent a pickup truck. I mean what were they thinking? The driver from G.H. was told that we had a spare and only needed a tire iron. Funny thing was- the driver never showed up. He parked at the Best Western Hotel parking lot. My wife walked up to the pick up to talk to the driver, who by that time had cancelled the tow because he said we were on the beach approach and not on the road. Matter of fact, we were on the beach approach, but we were not even 10′ from the pavement. We had to drive (on custom rims) the 10′ to the pavement before AAA would send an actual tow truck to rescue us. Finally, AAA sent out Satsop towing all the way from Elma, WA. which was an hour and half away. So after waiting for nearly 3 hours, we finally got a tow truck there. So basically, if you are at the beach and need a tow, you better not expect AAA to come and rescue you, because it isn’t paved (Isn’t the beach considered a state highway?). Aren’t their tow companies that tow people off the beach when they get stuck? I find it hard to believe that any tow company would refuse to tow 10′ from the paved road. I mean the tow truck could have parked on the pavement,hooked us up and, towed us onto the pavement- that’s how close we were. Anyways, AAA gave us piece of mind for 4 years, but unfortunately we found out that it is just a waste of money. We are better off upgrading our car insurance to include additional towing and save us the $129.00 per year. Jeers to you AAA.

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